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How to find your inner peace? - Interview

"The self-discovery path has to be a way of life"

Can you do a short introduction, what is it you do?

I am Valdas Pranskevicius originally from Lithuania and currently, I coach and mentor struggling spiritual people to permanently awaken. I also run a Shiatsu Therapy practice here in Estonia. I took the role to teach, mentor and to give back to the world as I have transformed my personal life practicing spiritual disciplines throughout my life. For our world to be a better place to live we do not just have to teach and mentor people into being better versions of themselves, but we have to encourage everyone to seek their own truth in the hidden realms of their personality, that still slumber and not yet brought to light.

How did you learn the techniques you are using?

The techniques I use in my coaching service and in my everyday life are gathered and refined over 28 years of my personal spiritual transformation. 

I met a spiritual teacher when I was 19 and saw a breakthrough on my spiritual path at the age of 22. It was a very intense period of my own personal development. I have become the best possible version of myself for that period of my journey. And it all began with simple techniques and teachings my teacher shared with me, that I later started to practice. I feel the biggest help was in observing him in my everyday life. 

The person who has awakened acts differently than other people and makes decisions based on trust in life.   

Ninpo -Traditional Japanese Martial Arts that I have practiced for 9 years since 2003 was a great help in developing compassion and respect for people, understanding how fragile life can be.


Warrior thinking and mindset are different. There is no time to sit and meditate gathering wisdom while in the battle, one has to think fast in every situation because their life is constantly in danger. 

Life experience creates a certain mindset and probably the most fascinating thing to me is to learn how the human mind is affected by different life events. Learning these differences and subtleties was and are probably one of the biggest interests of my life.   

Integral Yoga by Sri Aurobindo and Mother (Mira Alfasa), which I have been practicing for 15 years was another magnificent impact on my development. The stillness of mind and transformation that may be achieved by transcending the energy from The Source was yet another meaningful stepping stone in my life.

When did you decide you want to make it a full-time gig to help people?

I was always sharing the experience I have gathered during the years of my life. I would always like to talk on spiritual development subjects and many lives were touched through mostly personal conversations with people. They transitioned from being depressed, violent, unhappy to be enthusiastic, patient and joyful while having blissful transformation experiences in their personal lives as a result of mentoring and coaching. Seeing people transform and change their ways I have decided to go online and create programs for the people to awaken. 

Why do I charge for my services?

As a spiritual transformation coach and mentor, I put a lot of effort into organizing and creating the program that helps my clients to awaken and stay that way. Therefore this work should be rewarded as every work that people do. I do this work for a living, and very often I have to prepare an individual program for every client as their spiritual advancement and knowledge vary.

Are you only doing sessions live, or do you work with people online as well?

In 2006 I have graduated from the Irish school of shiatsu and I was including the coaching and mentoring session into my therapy sessions.

Earlier in 2020, I decided to take coaching and mentoring as a separate branch and I went online to reach, benefit and touch more people's lives through online coaching and mentoring. I have created programs that are based on my personal transformation experience, and this helps effectively guide people through their own so desired spiritual transformation experience. 

Can someone enhance his/her inner energy flow on his/her own? What would you advise?

We all know that nothing is hidden in the universe and every person who is not satisfied with their lives can reach for the next step in their personal growth and development. It is not easy though.I tend to thing that the work to discover your personal hidden diamonds may go beyond enthusiasm and requires patience and determination.

The self-discovery path has to be a way of life. 

Anyone who sets on a spiritual self-discovery path is progressing. To get to your spiritual transformation, you aim to abandon your old habits, your old thinking, give up tv and gossip to embrace the activities that facilitate the transformation and this is self-discipline.

Many of my clients are looking for aura and chakra cleansing. How do you do this for yourself?

That is an interesting subject, though spiritual disciplines and spiritual awakening are way beyond the chakra and aura cleansing. These things are just a sub-product of the inner work that includes calmness, and living according to the principles of the spiritual realm.

What is the key to happiness?

It depends on what happiness is for every person, and according to spiritual writings happiness can be of different origins. But real happiness is created by inner bliss, and this inner bliss comes from knowing yourself. Loving unconditionally, living unconditionally, harnessing the laws of attraction, reason-action-consequence, and some others that are considered universal laws that govern and run the entire universe.

Happiness can be found in simple things if you are already happy inside, and if you know how to enjoy small things. This comes with enlightenment, living in the moment, here and now, without being anxious about the future and not pondering too much about the past. Happiness comes when you trust life and live in harmony with it.

This is a certain quality of trust, unconditional trust that comes when you no longer want to live according to your own limited mind but rather surrender to life flow knowing that anything that happens to you is there for your own good and development.    

How do you keep yourself motivated in challenging times?

That is a very good question. I simply do not live in challenging times. I live my life. 

I believe that I am in the right place and at the right time and my life depends on circumstances only as much as it is needed for my personal development. My life was always intensive and it is not more intensive at this time. 

I believe that the more one reacts and allows to be pulled into the problems, the more one suffers and becomes a victim of these circumstances. One of my life principles is: «Act the way so you would not have to give excuses later». This principle sets the mind to make decisions, before any challenging life situation may occur. It sets your senses to a higher dimension and living trust. You have to simply listen to your inner voice, and think about how these life situations may benefit you and the growth of your character.

We have an intuition and we should use it accordingly. We have to make choices in life so we would not regret later when these choices come to their fruition.  

There is always a way out in any situation. Accepting different outcomes always leads to inner peace. And inner peace always leads to more peace. When you are feeling peaceful you will attract the right people, and situations where you will experience even more peace. It's like a positive reinforcement circle.

We are eternal beings and we have to live eternal life knowing that problems if they occur shall pass, and if they persist then it means that we have something to learn from them. 

Valdas Pranskevicius E: T: +37258510230 W:

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