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8+1 Ways To Clean Your Aura, Chakras, And Recover all your energy

You've already felt that when you approach someone: that that person gives off something not clear. Well, your intuition was right! This person has kept in their aura a lot of charges, emotions, thoughts, in short, a whole bunch of negative energy that you perceive.

You take your shower every day not to clean your body?

And why not cleanse your auric body, your aura with some very simple techniques.

Here are techniques for cleaning up what's called your electromagnetic field.

If this question interests you, I invite you to read this article. But let's get down practicing.

1. Bathing with salt or essential oils

Water washes away dirt, physical and energetic. Add essential oils or bath salts to stimulate the flow of your energy and drain the minor psychic debris from your aura: thoughts, negative emotions, resentment.

2. Swimming

Immersing yourself in water cleanses your aura. Just as the ocean contains salts and minerals, it is very useful for removing waste from your aura. In addition, it is coupled with physical exercise, which speeds up blood circulation, and will therefore improve your health!

3. Sunlight

Moderate exposure to sunlight stimulates energy flow. The lowest vibrations do not resist exposure to light. The light drives away the darkness, sad thoughts, nostalgia.

Do you have the blues?

Do you still think about your ex?

Do you literally want to kill your boss? Go sunbathe!!

4. Meditation

Even very simple meditations will help you relax and let go. The meditation on your aura works directly on the letting go of energies through the anchoring, the cleansing of the chakras. One of the most powerful ways to cleanse the aura and heal its vibrational level is through aura meditation.

5. Energetic treatment

You can do it in the flesh with a practitioner, but you can also do it remotely with me. Don't really try to understand, but let's say it's thousand times more powerful than a bath. I guarantee it. Consider starting the video or this article to tell me how you feel.

6. Fill energy leaks

Have you had any surgery? Have you had a few accidents? The aura is something that can be weakened, and leaks, cracks appear in your aura that need to be filled in and healed. Like a nasty wound! It is an energetic treatment that can also be done remotely, but it is rather personalized.

7. Feel and accept to be crossed by emotions

When you hold back from going to the bathroom, your bladder will swell. Well, emotions are the same. To keep them, well, it swells and it creates congestion in your energy system. Like a dam holding water.

Allow yourself to feel your hidden emotions, which will create a burst of energy. Tap a pillow to vent the anger! Emotion is movement: let yourself be carried by this movement, by this flow, to direct it towards the exit.

8. Being in contact with nature

Do you like gardening? Well, me personally, no, but I love going for a walk on the beach, feeling the wind, the iodine, hearing the sound of the waves. Is there a park in your city where you can go chill out and laze around? Being in touch with nature helps you stay grounded, and let go of stress and tension, and stop brooding.

+1 Bonus technique!

If you don’t have the time or expertise, I would be happy to give professional help, cleanse your auras and chakras in two ways! There could be a one-off cleanse, for that please click here! Or, you could subscribe for a monthly cleanse, for that, please click here, and you will find my recurring monthly Aura cleansing service!

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