Get some monthly magic.

  • Weekly Money Magnet

    Every week
    To keep your finances growing
    • Positive financial energies every day
    • Attract Money in your life with my daily spell
    • Grow your finances to a richer lifestyle!
    • Only $5 a Week to be a part of this!
  • Weekly Motivation

    Every week
    To keep you motivated with your work
    • Keep you motivated with your work
    • Makes you follow your processes
    • Keep you on the track, see the big picture
    • gives you extra strength, when your motivation falls
  • Monthly Aura Cleanse

    Every month
    Aura and chakra cleansing, repair spell to restore balance
    • I am doing a cleanse every month for your Aura and Chakras
    • Often feeling down, lost, unsure where you are headed?
    • Do you have blockages in your chakras?
    • Stress causing a disturbed aura energy field?
    • I will clean your 8 main Chakras and your Aura
    • Making your Aura and Chakras stronger, with Reiki protection
  • Regular cleansing

    Every month
    Perfect for keeping you free of curses and negative energies
    • Regular Curse removal
    • Cleansing of negative energies
    • Avoid energy leaks
    • Reduces stress
  • Make your skin light

    Every week
    The sure way for lighter skin tone
    • Gradually fairer skin
    • White skin as it grows
    • 100% safe, no chemicals
    • Weekly ritual for best results
    • Lighter tone, more beautiful skin
    • Your skin will be glowing white
  • Body Shaper spell

    Every month
    To change your body features, to your liking
    • Shape your body the way you want!
    • Add muscle, change your body features
    • Enlarge your private areas
    • Become more attractive, desirable!
    • Change what you don't like